Stoned Tigers

Digital Art Gallery

Stoned Tigers Digital Art Gallery has been created with the purpose to support new Artists in the NFT industry, to bring them more exposure and reach new collectors.

New level of experience with

We brought together 20 different creators in the NFT industry to showcase their artworks in our gallery, which took us 21 episodes of 'NFT Networking & Shill!' to turn into reality.
Spatial allows us to bring an incredible user experience and fun environment during community meetings, where every guest can interact and meet each other in the Metaverse from anywhere in the world!
Each and every creator featured in our gallery has a fascinating story behind their art. If you would like to know about their journey, make sure to follow them on Twitter & join our spaces!
Aside from our major collaborative gallery, we have built other metaverse spaces for our community, where we usually hangout on a weekly basis:

Stoned Tigers Home

On Thursday, we host 'Chill in the Metaverse' in our room and invite the tigers to come vibe and catch up with us, sharing what's new and what we've all been working on throughout the week, while Viktor plays some songs on the his ukulele (it's also 4:20 time)!
Sometimes we do a livestream of this event on YouTube:

Hide & Seek ;)

On Saturday, our 'Hide & Seek' game takes place in this huge area! We reunite with the tigers to hide around the place and look for each other while the clock is tickling, and the best players get cool prizes from our and other NFT projects that we invite to come play!
This one was the first gallery we ever created, opening a big door full of possibilities for all that was about to come!
Started as a place we used to show sneak-peeks of the collection, then we hosted a couple of POAP events there, and finally it was time for an upgrade. Through it, we brought a first-time experience in the Metaverse for most tigers and inspired many of them to create their own!
That was the best we could ask, so to thank them for being on this journey with us, here are some of the spatials from members of our community: