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Meme creation service

Make Every Moment Entertaining...
Our Meme Masters are the true believers in our project and create daily memes just for eveyone's contentment.
It all started with our first 'meme context giveaway', which drove many people to come up with memes featuring our tigers, nothing like we were expecting! Some of them stayed and continue to create today, while for others it was a one time thing. But we are forever grateful to all of them, because it worked in our benefict as a great leverage.
Once we had all this amusing content, we started to see how much fun it was for the community to engage in a totally different way, spreading memes all accross twitter and using them as a way to communicate without much words needed at the discord. Everyone was having a good time laughing together and suddenly, our minds aligned with the ones of Meme Masters...
The idea behind the Meme creation service is for our Meme Masters to create good-quality memes for other NFT projects. They'll take the time to do their own research, making sure to accomplish something that the community will resonate with. Our developer will then turn these images into NFTs and lock them on the blockchain, sending it to the client. Being the official owner, he can use them however he wishes: turn it into stickers, create commands on the discord, give them away to the community, (etc.) all of this for the community's joy!
Memes are driving the Web3 space, and for a reasonable amount of pay you'll be able to get additional materials for your community members to have fun with.
We've decided to price every 10 memes (minimum required) for 2 solana. 80% of the funds will be split between the Meme Masters that were involved and 20% will go to the developer. Another goal of this work is to give credit to these few people who actually take the time to invent, never asking for anything in return, and bring their names recognition in this industry. We value all types of creators, no matter what their niche is!
This service is not yet available for orders and will be launched briefly after the mint.

Meme Masters Squad

  • MrQs - Self-proclaimed Master of Memes. 40 years old, born and raised in New York. For him, the word MEME stands for “Make Every Moment Entertaining”. Like the Stoned Tigers, MrQs wants to link with like-minded people, promote good vibes, and have fun sharing what he does naturally. “If a picture is worth a thousand words, then memes are libraries.”
  • Evgeny - Evgeny comes from the Altai Mountains and lives in St. Petersburg. Father of a disabled daughter, he's the creator of the NFT charity collection 'Kindest Cat'. Evgeny finds joy in creating memes, and he also sells bitcoin mining equipment.
  • David - Obsessed with art media, 33-year-old David Machado has been immersed in video and films since he learned how to use his father's VCR. Born and raised in Montreal, Canada, has been putting himself behind the lens for his expression since his early 20s. With his expertise in video editing and photography, he continues to improve his crafts and keeps an open mind for collaborations to be part of the current virtual movement of NFTs.
  • Elena - Elena Yaraya is a graphic designer from Russia. She creates logos, patterns, illustrations, NFTs and memes for Stoned Tigers. Elena loves traveling, new experiences and freedom in all its manifestations. She stands for peace across the universe, for the evolution of technology together with the development of the individual.

Examples of our Work

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