Stoned Tigers

Meta Ukulele Club

Available on OpenSea (0.09-0.15 ETH)
​Meta Ukulele Club is a collection of 25 metaverse compatible 3D models of 1/1 ukuleles. Each and every of them is personalised for a specific project or person. Owning all the rights, you are free to use it in your metaverse environment or gallery as a decorative 3D asset, or even print it in real life!
Unique utilities: 1. Access to the private community 2. Future airdrop of music NFT to the holders 3. Metaverse compatibility;
This is a side project we've created together with the Stoned Tigers community and the idea was born in a genuine fun conversatition during one of our Russian-speaking twitter spaces.
Artist: @amigo_tattoo
Copy-writer: @heyougly
Beta-tester: @n0body_u_kn0w