Stoned Tigers


The breakdown of each step that we plan to achieve in the future!


​The MINT of 2,222 Stoned Tigers will be happening on our website for the price of 1 SOL. April 20 - 14:20 | GMT
Mint yourself a piece to participate in all upcoming airdrops, community activities & access to the private-club!


Organising the first live-event at 100 Mints by the community!
The first step following the release of our collection is a sponsored trip for 6 lucky winners to the surf-camp in Carcavelos, Portugal (100%-financed).
5 holders of the original Stoned Tigers NFT collection will come surf with us. The 1 winner left will be chosen from the owners of the Stoned Tigers Surfboards collection. We'll also bring, at least, 3 members of the Stoned Tigers Team.
The event will be 100%-financed and covered by us, including travelling/housing/food & other expenses.

Baby Tigers Airdrop

Lauching Baby Stoned Tigers at 420 Mints by the community!
Baby Stoned Tigers is a cool baby collection of Stoned Tigers that will be airdropped to every holder's wallet. Their traits and appearances will be discussed by the community! But don't hurry to sell, it's just the beginning...

Meat Token

We will launch our MEAT token and distribute 1125 of them to each holder of both collections (Baby & OG Stoned Tigers). The token will be used to upgrade the 2nd collection, turning the babies into grown-up tigers, and it will be the currency of our P2E weed-farming game.
The maximum supply is 5 million MEAT tokens. 50% of the supply will be allocated to the community. The rest will be kept for:
  • In-game activities & governance;
  • Creation of the tokenomics inside of the game;
  • Provide a pair to create liquidity and ability to exchange it in the crypto market;
  • Our DAO will vote on the % allocation for donations to Non-profit organizations taking care of Tigers.


Feeding is our burning mechanism of the MEAT token, which will let you upgrade your 2nd collection.
Feed your baby with it & by burning 120 tokens, you'll be able to upgrade your collectable.
This will reduce the total MEAT token supply and make the Baby Stoned Tigers collection super rare. Once +70% of the babies are upgraded to the new collection, our P2E game will go live!

Play-2-Earn Game

3D Play-to-Earn game based on the Solana block-chain with its own economy and governance integrated into it!
In our weed-farming game, you will be able to buy land and build any type of property on it (shops, fields, houses, etc.) from our samples, or you can design them yourself, by using our templates. Players will also be able to make alliances, create their own brand and franchise it, sell different strains of weed and monopolize the market. If you own a Stoned Tigers Surfboard, you can also place it on your land!
Only people who own a Stoned Tigers NFT will be able to access the game. Originally, there will be only #4444 spots, but it might change if our community will want to expand.