Stoned Tigers


KOWABUNGA! Everything related to surfing is what we consider the main utility of our brand and the most exciting thing we look forward to in its future.


The first step following the release of our collection is a sponsored trip for 6 lucky winners to the surf-camp in Carcavelos, Portugal (100%-financed).
5 holders of the original Stoned Tigers NFT collection will come surf with us. The 1 winner left will be chosen from the owners of the Stoned Tigers Surfboards collection.
The members will be randomly selected and all the expenses will be totally covered by us, including travelling/housing/food/etc.
All the tigers that don't get picked are also welcome to join us! Let's meet each other in the first live-event hosted by Stoned Tigers 🐯


Stoned Tigers Surfboards is an exclusive collection of ten 3D metaverse compatible NFTs listed on, which have been already successfully launched and all collected.
Each surfboard comes with a whitelist spot attached to it and, if you get a Stoned Tiger pfp + surfboard with matching traits, a real surfboard with the design printed will be delivered to you IRL, absolutely free of charge!
1 of the 10 owners will be picked to join us on our trip to the surf-camp in Carcavelos (Portugal) along with 5 other holders of the original collection.
Our boards are also gonna be integrated into our game - so if you own one, you can show it off and make others jealous.. 😏


During next year, we plan to open our own private surf-club in Costa da Caparica (Portugal). Everyone will be welcome to join, specially our community members!
It will be a physical shop & surf school, where we'll be selling our upcoming Stoned Tigers Merch and all inventory associated with surfing.