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Get to know the Stoned Tigers team!

Stoned Tigers team

Viktor - Founder

A naturally proactive leader steeped in forward-thinking operations. 23 year old Russian, born & raised in Estonia, Viktor is a life-long learner of all things Business. His expertise in finance, marketing, and programming allowed him to explore his interests in the NFT space. With a passion for cannabis and surfing in mind, he established the Stoned Tigers community to unite the utilities of both the Digital & Real world.
Representing the cannabis and surf vibe that people love and share, Viktor is a visionary who discovered early in life that it is not about working a 9-5 job for the rest of your days. It is about having fun, helping others, and enjoying what you love most! Viktor encourages those with a shared passion to join the community and ride the life-long wave that us tigers call home.

Aninhas - Co-founder

Ana Maria aka Aninhas is a 20 y.o 'Alfacinha' - natural from Lisbon (Portugal). She dreams of studying art, helping animals and living in many different places around the globe. She met Viktor two years ago and has served as his teammate and sidekick throughout, getting so involved into the project that becoming the Co-founder was the only way. Known for bringing ideas to life, Maria continues to work as a key contributor in elevating the Stoned Tigers community.

Miyato - Artist

Originally from Russia, Diana is a 26 y.o under the pseudonym Miyato. Living in a beautiful city called St. Petersburg, she is currently working as an office plankton. On the spare time, Diana focuses on improving her artistic skills and in the near future, she plans to change her field and become a freelance artist.

Pavel_Seba - Video editor & Animator

Pavel, known as 'Pasha' among friends, is a natural from Russia who moved to Portugal 3 years ago. He has many years of experience as a bartender, but had to learn video-editing on his own because of the pandemic. Today, he's a happy freelancer online, soon-to-be fluent in Portuguese and our very close friend.

Daniil - Community Lider

Coming from a Russian family, Daniil is a 22 year-old living in Estonia. Currently working as a bartender, he enjoys going to the gym on his spare time.
Nonetheless, Daniil obtains a strong inner-voice that he believes is on the search for something bigger. This journey brought him to the Stoned Tigers community where he now calls home. Most often, you can find Daniil in the discord expressing seemingly amazing high thoughts.

CeePlus - Creative Director

A Creative guru and Art director working in Video Games and living in Montréal, CeePlus is passionate about creative enterprise and the financial autonomy that follows. Drawing, painting, and creating art is breathing and CeePlus invites others to take a deep breath and enjoy the air we live on.
CeePlus was first drawn to the Tigers by the allure of cannabis and surfing. Since CeePlus is Canadian, the hope of someday spending time in a warmer climate surfing while collaborating with high minded creatives is all too tempting. One day, CeePlus will roll up to the beach with all the Stoned tigers and enjoy the community, dank vibes and the waves crashing under our Stoned tiger surfboards.

BIGWilly - Moderator

A Senior in college, BIGWilly studies Marketing and Entrepreneurship in Silicon Valley, CA. A Co-Founder of many campus initiatives and an advocate for innovation, he is passionate, driven and all about a more equitable financial future.
He found the community through his passion for surfing, and knew that there was no other family like it. The utility a Stoned Surfer will provide to persons with this shared passion is exactly what he was looking for. BIGWilly is most excited for the Stoned Tiger fam to come together on beaches across the world - sharing stories, joints, tips n tricks, and laughs - one day very soon.

J3nn1B33 - Community Lider

Jenni is a 33 year old mother of four and a wife with a passion for gaming and art. She loves to explore her imagination because she feels like the more you use it, the stronger and better it gets, like a muscle. Jenni joined the NFT space with her children 7 months ago to be able to give back to organizations she believes in while adding extra income. While she does not smoke, she has a passion for the beach lifestyle and bodyboarding. Prior to NFTs, she worked remotely full time in the financial industry - in addition to assisting clients, Jenni trained team members, helped with team building, and project management. She absolutely loves bringing people together and making connections – all while having a great time. At the moment, she is in crypto/nft full time while finishing her IT bachelor’s degree with a concentration in programming and software development.